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Topics and Programs

We hope this workshop will include timely and very interesting reviews and discussions of

  1. Progress during the past year from over 20 ST experiments
  2. Supporting theory and modeling
  3. Newly operating ST experiments and plans
  4. Major upgrade plans
  5. Development of longer-term opportunities for major ST facilities

      Where appropriate, common physics understanding in Tokamaks and Compact Tori (CT, the Spheromaks and FRCs), will also be of interest.
The workshop further provides opportunities to develop beneficial research collaborations that make efficient use of resources and capabilities.

The workshop presentations and discussion will be organized by following topical areas.

  1. Progress in experiments on

A1)  Start-up
A2)  Confinement
A3)  Plasma material interface
A4)  Stability including disruptions
A5)  Current drive
A6)  Sustainment (integrated scenarios)

  1. Supporting theory and modeling
  2. Newly operating ST experiments and plans
  3. Upgrade plans on MAST and NSTX
  4. Development of longer-term opportunities for major ST facilities

      Recent Fusion Facilities Review in the E.U. and the Research Needs Workshop in the U.S. have shed interesting light on the relationship between these topical areas.

Meeting format
The meeting will consist of invited and contributed oral presentations.  We hope to allocate 30 minutes to invited talks plus 10 minutes discussion, and 20 minutes to contributed talks plus 5 minutes discussion.  A LCD projector with a computer will be provided for participants to present their papers.  Power Point or pdf formats are recommended. The official language of the meeting is English.

An updated agenda can be located here and links to presentations are here