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Plasma Seminar Series

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Every semester the departments of Engineering Physics, Physics, and Electrical and Computer Engineering co-sponsor a series of public seminars on current research topics in plasma physics. The seminars are free and open to the public.

For additional information, please contact the organizer for this semester's lectures.

Mondays, 12:05 PM -- 12:55 PM
265 Materials Science & Engineering
(Unless otherwise specified)
Organizer: David Anderson

Plasma Seminar Schedule
Date Author Title Additional
Jan 23 Dr. Carsten Lechte
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Turbulent Structures in HSX
Jan 30 Zeke Unterberg
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Progress Towards High Normalized Current in the Pegasus Toroidal Experiment
Feb 6 David Anderson,
Ben Hudson
Transport Improvements in Stellarators with Quasisymmetry,
Fast Ion Confinement in MST
Rehearsals for the ICC 2006 Workshop,
Announcement (pdf)
Feb 13
No seminar due to ICC 2006 Workshop.
Feb 20 Dr. Ilya Y. Dodin
Princeton University
Nonadiabatic Ponderomotive Barriers Abstract,
Announcement (pdf)
Feb 27 Dr. Raffi Nazikian
Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Kinetic Alfvén Eigenmodes in the DIII-D Abstract,
Announcement (pdf)
Mar 6
No seminar.
Mar 13
No seminar due to Spring Recess.
Mar 20 Prof. Adil Hassam
University of Maryland
Centrifugally Confined Plasmas: Results from the Maryland Centrifugal Experiment Announcement (pdf)
Mar 27 Prof. George Tynan
University of California, San Diego
Observation of Turbulent-Driven Shear Flow in a Cylindrical Laboratory Plasma Device Abstract,
Announcement (pdf)
Apr 3 Erik Spence
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Fluctuation-Driven Magnetic Fields in the Madison Dynamo Experiment
Announcement (pdf)
Apr 10 Prof. Michael Mauel
Columbia University
Creating Artificial Radiation Belts in the Lab Announcement (pdf)
Apr 17 Prof. Walter Gekelman
University of California, Los Angeles
Experiments on the Expansion of a Dense Plasma into a Background Magnetoplamsa Abstract (pdf),
Announcement (pdf)
Apr 24 Dr. Stefan Gerhardt
Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Studies of Free Boundary Field Reversed Configurations with Improved Stability in the Magnetic Reconnection Experiment Abstract,
Announcement (pdf)
May 1 Graham Wright
University of Wisconsin-Madison
DIONISOS and C-Mod Experiments on Deuterium Fuel Retention in Molybdenum Announcement (pdf)

Past Seminar Series:

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