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 Fusion and Plasma: Research and Education
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A broad range of research and educational activities center on understanding plasmas, the fourth state of matter, with interests in:

Science and technology for fusion energy development
Basic properties of the plasma state
Plasma science and astrophysical phenomena
Plasma-aided manufacturing

Established in the early 1960's, the plasma and fusion research program at UW is one of the broadest university research and graduate education programs in these areas in the US. It includes several high-performance plasma confinement experiments, collaborations in national and international experiments, a cross-disciplinary theory and computation effort, a comprehensive fusion engineering program, a center for plasma-aided manufacturing, and a Physics Frontier Center on Magnetic Organization. Research is conducted under the departments of Engineering Physics, Physics, and Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Every semester a plasma seminar series is presented which is open to the public. Information about current and past seminar series is available.

Please click on the links below to get more information on each of the programs here at the UW. Thank you for your interest!

Program Description
Center for Plasma-Aided Manufacturing Exploring the use of partially ionized gases in manufacturing and industrial processes
Center for Magnetic Self-Organization Exploring magnetic self-organization in laboratory and astrophysical plasmas
Center for Plasma Theory and Computation A collaborative center for plasma theory and computation
Fusion Technology Institute Research on the conversion of thermonuclear energy and processes into forms useful to society
Helically Symmetric Experiment The first of the new generation Stellarator confinement experiments to exploit quasi-symmetry in 3-D geometries
IEC Advanced Fuels Project Investigating advanced fusion fuels in an inertial electrostatic confinement experiment
Madison Dynamo Experiment Studying magnetic instabilities driven by flows in plasmas and conducting fluids
Madison Symmetric Torus One of the largest Reversed Field Pinch plasma confinement experiments in the world
Pegasus Toroidal Experiment A unique Spherical Torus fusion science experiment studying high-beta plasmas
Fluctuation Diagnostics Development Turbulence investigations in DIII-D high-temperature tokamak plasmas
Plasma-Surface Interactions Laboratory Understanding and control of fusion plasmas through plasma-materials interactions
Rotating Wall Machine Flowing liquid metal wall stabilization of magnetohydrodynamic instabilities for fusion-grade plasmas
Wisconsin Shock Tube Laboratory A large shock wave experiment for interface stability studies for Inertial Fusion Energy

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